Allowed Genres

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We only play electronic music ‒ nothing else. If it’s not on this list it might not be allowed. Feel free to ask before playing it.
Sub-genres marked with * require attention to the current “flow” of the music and might not be the best to play at the time. Take the audience into consideration.
Maximum song length is 10 minutes.
Avoid playing mixes/showcases (tracks with multiple songs in a row).
For a full list of rules, click here.

Last Updated: Jan. 28, 2018

 We play trance more than any other genre. Almost all styles are welcome.
Examples of subgenres we play are:

  • Breakbeat Trance
  • Classic Trance
  • Dream Trance
  • Hard Trance
  • Mainstage Trance
  • Orchestral Trance
  • Progressive Trance
  • Psychedelic Trance* (up to around 150 BPM)
  • Pure Trance
  • Tech Trance
  • Uplifting Trance
  • Vocal Trance
  • Other trance is probably on theme.
 Avoid hip-hop and Top 40 infused bro-house.
Examples of subgenres we play are:

  • Chicago House
  • Classic House
  • Deep House
  • Electro House*
  • French House
  • Funky House
  • Future House*
  • Nu Disco*
  • Progressive House
  • Tech House
  • Tropical House
  • Other house might be on theme.
 What we call 'chill' is electronic and melody driven. Keep it soft, soothing, and musical.
Examples of subgenres we play are:

  • Acoustic versions of electronic songs/artists* (like A&B acoustic album)
  • Ambient*
  • Breaks*
  • Chill Out
  • Downtempo
  • Liquid Drum & Bass (Liquid DnB)
  • Melodic Chillstep*
  • Techno (including some styles that may not be considered “chill”)
  • Other chill might be on theme.
 These are definitely not allowed to be played:
  • Big Room
  • Dark/Hi-Tech Psy
  • Drumstep
  • Dubstep
  • Future Bass
  • Glitch
  • Hardcore (or anything else-core)
  • Hardstyle
  • Hiphop
  • Nightcore
  • OSTs (from movies or TV shows)
  • Raggatek
  • Rap (Light rap samples are allowed if not too intrusive)
  • Trap
  • Triphop
  • Vocaloid
  • Witch House