A list of bot commands to use in our community.


[YouTube link]Check countries a song is blocked in
!dcn/aMove back to position in wait list if disconnected (automatic)
n/a@mention staff
n/aSkip your outro
!themen/aPost current theme message
!motdn/aPost message of the day
!keyn/aPost the instructions and code to update the Youtube API Key
n/aLink to allowed genres page
!rulesn/aLink to rules page
!commandsn/aLink to bot commands page
!discordn/aLink to our public Discord
n/aLink to our official SoundCloud
n/aLink to website home page
n/aLink to facebook page
n/aLink to twitter page
!helpn/aLink to plug tutorial image
!linkn/aLink to current song
Type bop, dance, or woot to show your appreciation and make the bot dance


!motd[interval {minutes}|message|status]Control the message of the day, or check its status
!theme{message}Set the current theme message
!pt, !es, !fr, !cz, !nl, !dk, !kr, !cn, !jp{!command}Use a command in a specific language
n/aSkip off genre song
n/aSkip song in history
n/aSkip off theme song
n/aSkip blocked song
n/aSkip unavailable song
n/aSkip song that is over the time limit
n/aSkip for too many mehs
n/aSkip current song
n/aSkip and move up for another try
n/aSkip outro
!uptimen/aShow bot uptime
!pingn/aPing the bot


!shoutout[interval {minutes}|status|toggle|toggleping]Control the DJ shout-out for most grabbed song, or check its status, or toggle whether to ping the DJ or not.
!mehskip [check|number]Controls the community meh skip
!key[interval {minutes}|toggle|message]Set the interval for Youtube API Key message, toggle it on/off, or set a new message.