In order to make the room a great experience for all, we have composed the following rules which should be followed while in our community. This is subject to change over time and will be updated as necessary. Feel free to ask any staff members if you are unsure about something, we’re always happy to help.

For a list of genre specific rules, click here.

Last Updated: Jan. 28, 2018’s Terms of Service always apply.

Rule 1 ‒ Be considerate to others.
Maturity is expected. Mehs should only be used for songs that are off genre or seriously overplayed. Trolling, spamming and discrimination is not allowed. We always try to make our community a friendly and welcoming community and we want everyone to have a good time. Therefore please do not post explicit content or repetitive content/spam. Do not post hate messages, discrimination, or anything that could be considered abusive or disrespectful towards other users. This includes your username as well. If our staff considers your username offensive, you may be asked to change it. Swearing is allowed in moderation.

Rule 2 ‒ Please keep the chat English.
You are welcome in THC even if you don’t speak english, but we are primarily an english speaking community and we want to keep the chat open for everyone. You’re allowed to speak other languages but please try to speak english even if you aren’t fluent. We ask that extended conversations in languages other than english be limited or taken elsewhere.

Rule 3 ‒ Don’t promote without permission.
While official THC events will be promoted in the room, we like to keep other promotions (plug communities/events, youtube channels, soundcloud, facebook, twitter, etc) to a minimum. Ask before advertising. For playing your own creations, it’s fine as long as they are high quality and self promoting isn’t your only purpose for being here. Keep variety and play other artists as well. Also, asking first is appreciated.

Rule 4 ‒ You must be active to play. No AutoJoin.
We want our DJs to be active in our community. The DJ Cycle (which adds you back to the wait list after your song) is turned off at 10 DJs, and back on at 5. AutoJoin will result in a warning, and then a temporary booth ban if it continues.

Rule 5 ‒ Maximum song length is 10 minutes.
To prevent a single user from taking over the DJ booth for an extended amount of time, the maximum time for a track is 10 minutes. Exceptions might be made during special events. You may be able to skip the song’s outro to make it less than 10 minutes. The general rule of thumb is: Over 8, it’s gotta be great. Over 9, for trance is fine.

Rule 6 ‒ Don't play songs that are in the recent history.
We don’t want to hear the same songs played multiple times in a few hours. Please check to see if you’re about to play a song that’s in the history before it’s your turn, as you will be skipped if you do. You can check the room history at the top right:

Rule 7 ‒ 5 mehs will skip the song.*
Don’t ask for skips and don’t complain about someone’s song choice. Mehs should be used for songs that are off genre. If a song gets too many mehs, it will be skipped.

* This may be changed at the staff’s discretion depending on the situation.


Rule 8 ‒ Skip your outros.
An outro is the end of a song that adds little value in our environment. They are great if you’re mixing live, but on plug it can be boring and repetitive. If you don’t skip your outro, don’t be offended if someone does it for you.

Rule 9 ‒ Don’t argue staff decisions.
The staff is here for a reason, please let us make the decisions and refrain from arguing with us about it, as it won’t get you anywhere. If you were skipped/muted/banned, there was most likely a reason.

Rule 10 ‒ Don't ask to be staff.
We make our decisions based on who is here being active and helpful all the time, and most importantly, who consistently brings us wonderful THC jams. Our general outlook is that those seeking power are not fit to hold it. If no staff are chatting, try @mentioning us. The !staff command will mention all staff in the room if you need help.

Rule 11 ‒ No begging.
Please don’t beg for plug points, subscriptions, or to get moved forward in the wait list. Nobody likes begging and you will most likely be muted if you do so.

Rule 12 ‒ Don’t post scripts or bring bots into our community.
Unless you are given permission, please keep your scripts and bots to yourself. We have two bots named [Trance House Chill] and Scrobble, and are not looking to add any more. Any use of malicious scripts will result in a ban.